Translation and localization of technical texts

Technical TranslationsA properly performed technical translation is the key to launch a product on the international market and to enable its free use. Technical skills of the translator are in such a situation as important as his/her linguistic skills. We are engaged in translation and localization of various technical texts. We know very well that the localisation is not only translating but also adjusting terminology, while focusing on the overall consistency of the translated document.

Who performs the translation of technical texts?

translation of technical textsWhen translating user guides, manuals or other technical documents, it is very important to cooperate with translators who have confirmed experience in the field. Regardless of whether the text to be translated is related to engineering, medicine or any other field, the technical translation must be the best possible. Only the person with proven experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of technology can reach this standard. Because we know our employees very well, we are able to offer the best translator for the given subject matter.

Technical texts and industry terminology

Technical texts represent a unique group, because even the correct translation in terms of a language used does not guarantee that the ideas will be correctly conveyed. In this case, what is most important is not the content only, but also its connections with the technical requirements. Each of the formats used enforces individual approach and a different translation. In our office it is taken care of by professionals who have experience in performing localisation.

The task is extremely demanding, that is why we employ translators, proofreaders and project managers who have the necessary knowledge. In our translation company we use modern tools that guarantee the localisation at the highest level as well as complete customer satisfaction.

We translate:
  • Declaration of conformity,
  • Cost estimates and schedules,
  • Certificates of quality,
  • Technical approvals,
  • Patent documentation,
  • Technical documentation,
  • Tender documentation,
  • Safety Data Sheets.

Professional & Comprehensive Service

Translators cooperating with us are native speakers of a given language and additionally have extensive knowledge in the specific field, which results in the fact that the translations are not only linguistically correct, but also reflect the specialized, technical language of the source text. We have extensive experience with a particular focus on technical translations for the IT industry companies; we worked with the best companies in the world.
We pay special attention to the technical documents, which are addressed to the users of a product. Thanks to a comprehensive data verification process, the final version of a translation contains clearly communicated processes, activities and source materials. We specialize in technical manuals and training materials. We understand that giving consumers clear, consistent information is the key to understanding your product or services – regardless of the language in which they are presented. Our translators can collaborate with professionals employed in your company to assure you that every customer contact with the technical documentation we translated will have a positive impact on his experience. In addition to written translations, we offer interpreting services and certified (sworn) translations in more than 40 languages. We invite you to send us the text to get a free quotation, so that you can decide about placing an order.
Technical texts and industry terminology
  • Each time, regardless of the type of an order, we provide a comprehensive service from the moment of presenting a quotation, through the high quality of the translated text, to the absolute punctuality and confidentiality.

Branch vocabulary

Technical texts of all kinds are built in a characteristic way, using industry-specific concepts and vocabulary. Each of the technical fields, such as: IT and technologies, automation, electronics or computing requires detailed knowledge so as to be sure that every word will be translated in accordance with the technical requirements. And thanks to the experience we have gained over many years of our business we can guarantee our customers the highest quality service.

Regular and certified technical translations

Often technical translations, especially those in the field of company records need to be translated by a sworn translator entered on the ministerial list. If you need to translate an important agreement, a commercial contract, patent documentation, tender documentation and a certificate of quality, please contact us and we will choose a translator suitable for your order who will not only perform the authenticated translation, but will certify a ready-made translation, if necessary. In addition, specialists cooperating with us, are registered at the NOT organization (Main Technical Organization), which gives an additional guarantee that orders performed by these translators will be made at the highest level, with vocabulary applicable in the field and required by a specific industry.

We are more than just a translation company.

There are thousands of translation services companies — why choose Us? Our translation agency is made up of native in-house translators and dedicated translation project managers.

We offer our regular customers:

  • Attractive discounts and favourable cooperation terms
  • A simplified procedure for placing orders
  • A specialized team of translators and an individual account manager
  • 24-hour INFOline
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