Translation of specialized and scientific texts

Specialist TranslationsOur team of translators consists of specialized, experienced professionals who have many years’ experience in performing specialist translations. In our daily work, we submit all the texts to detailed verification, so that the result is an accurate translation of the highest quality. Each text is checked for grammatical, punctuation, stylistic and substantive errors. We will translate all documents – precisely and clearly, keeping their exact meaning.

The highest quality translations as a standard

We make every effort to ensure that the work done by us was top notch. In the case of specialist translations, all the texts are subject to consultation with experts from the specific fields of science. Each text is also checked by proofreaders for linguistic correctness. This allows us to provide our customers with stylistically and substantively correct texts.

Specialists translate for specialists

Technical and specialist translatorsTechnical and specialist translators who cooperate with us are experts in a particular market sector. Accurate translation is essential for such sectors as production, engineering and construction – there is no place for “approximate translations”. We ensure that orders are carried out by native-speakers with a suitable technical experience supported by long time experience. The work will be controlled by a dedicated project manager who will supervise it from the beginning to the end.

The texts that you can entrust us with are, inter alia, related to the issues of:

Technical and engineering translations

  • construction;
  • electronics;
  • automotive industry;
  • automatic control engineering;
  • industrial production;
  • telecommunication;
  • aviation and transport;
  • power engineering

Translations related to financial and economic sector

  • prospectuses;
  • balance sheets;
  • profit and loss accounts;
  • independent auditors’ reports;
  • business plans;
  • SWOT analyses;
  • tax documents;

Translations in the field of law and justice

  • contracts;
  • notarial deeds;
  • patents;
  • statutes;
  • tender documents;
  • resolutions and regulations;
  • judgments

Medical translations

  • cardiology;
  • oncology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • dermatology;
  • gynaecology;
  • psychiatry;
  • radiology;
  • orthopaedics;

Pharmaceutical translations

  • pharmaceutical patents;
  • clinical reports;
  • documents related to the registration of medicines;
  • generic drugs;
  • descriptions of the technologies for producing medicines;
  • certificates and medicine labels;

Translations of scientific publications and advertising texts

  • books, eBooks, electronic publications;
  • scientific publications;
  • promotional texts;
  • marketing materials;
  • educational programs;
  • web pages;
  • Public relations (PR);

Specificity of performing translations

Specialist texts represent a unique group, because even an appropriate translation in terms of language correctness does not guarantee the correctness of the whole document. In this case not only is the content important, but also its connections with the technical requirements. Each of the formats used enforces individual approach and a different translation. In our office, it is dealt with by professionals who have experience in localisation.

The right words – consistently

The cooperation with our translation agency is a guarantee of ensuring professional vocabulary and consistency. Every industry is characterised by certain terminology, and many companies use words specific to their brand. It is very important that the final version of the translation also took into account this aspect, using adequate words at the right time. During the execution of your order, we can create a glossary that automatically enforces a proper use of the specific terminology – and thus ensures the consistency of all materials submitted to us.

We are more than just a translation company.

There are thousands of translation services companies — why choose Us? Our translation agency is made up of native in-house translators and dedicated translation project managers.

We offer our regular customers:

  • Attractive discounts and favourable cooperation terms
  • A simplified procedure for placing orders
  • A specialized team of translators and an individual account manager
  • 24-hour INFOline
  • A monthly collective invoice

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