The processes which every day are part of business activities of worldwide companies take place… in Krakow. The capital of Lesser Poland, with its more than 100 business service centres, called the European leader in the field of outsourcing, is constantly evolving.
Under the principle of “let’s employ someone who will do it better”, companies around the world outsource to third parties the execution of processes that are not so important for the core of their business. In Krakow, the outsourcing market began to develop rapidly in the last decade. Within the last few years, the offer of business centres have evolved from a call-centre, basic accounting and data processing towards analytical services, IT sector, marketing, organization of conferences and training, translation services, R&D services, to complex financial processes and handling investment funds. As the managers of the Krakow centres emphasize, these places are worth a lot for jobs seekers. And for investors the costs are also worth considering: Polish outsourcing centres attract by competitive prices as compared to the Western fees.

Better than last year

In the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations In 2013, prepared by Tholos, Krakow was in the first ten European cities overtaken only by Dublin. In 2014 it interchanged its position with the capital of Ireland, taking the name of a European leader in the field of business services. On this year’s list another two Polish cities were mentioned: Warsaw on the 32nd place (up by 4 places) and Wrocław on the 65th place (up by 10 compared to the previous year). Before Krakow, instead, are Philippine and Indian centres, difficult to catch up due to the time zone and the momentum of action. However, in eastern Europe this Polish city is off the charts in terms of outsourcing. Competition could be assumed to be the Ukrainian and Turkish centres, but while these have problems with political stability, they rather discourage potential investors.

Career in outsourcing

Meanwhile, foreign companies (such as Samsung, General Electric Healthcare, HSBC, UBS, Lufthansa) continue to come to Krakow, whereas the centres that already exist, keep growing in strength. Centres for business-related services needed for these companies to operate also recruit new employees, largely out of 50 thousand graduates who annually graduate from Krakow universities. According to the ABSL report, “Modern Business Services Sector In Poland 2014”, employment in the outsourcing industry is growing by an average of 20% per annum, and the largest number of foreign investments is now in the business services sector. Since 2010, more than 50 business centres have been created in Krakow, which is half of those now operating. A large increase in office space is not only visible in the statistics. Everyday, while driving through the city, one can observe construction works throughout Krakow.

Language skills is the key

One thing is certain, Krakow, which is strong in this industry, continues to grow. New jobs are created for educated people with good soft competences and language skills, and Poland can boast that it has best European specialists in this modern and future-oriented field.

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