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Technical texts of all kinds are built in a characteristic way, using industry-specific concepts and vocabulary. Therefore, the translator who deals with such translations must not only have the knowledge of the language, but must also be educated in that field. This allows to perform translations, which are not only correct and translate from one language to another, but also reflect the style of a specific text and are understood by the readers. Each of the technical fields, such as: IT and technologies, automation, electronics or computing require scientific knowledge so as to be sure that every word will be translated truthfully and according to technical requirements, and not by their basic meaning. And thanks to the experience we have gained over many years of our business activities we can guarantee our customers the highest quality service. 

Focusing on details

Technical translations offered by our translation agency are addressed to companies, manufacturers, small and large businesses as well as to individuals, for whom every detail is important. It happened many times that manuals translated from other languages, especially from Chinese or Japanese, contained a lot of obsolete forms, incomprehensible, or worse, misunderstood by users of the equipment. Such situations seem funny at first, but only until the mistranslation results in serious financial damage, or even worse, damage to the health of a person. The translators cooperating with, often native speakers, are experts in their field and continually update their knowledge of vocabulary in a specific industry, that is why we can provide our customers with accurate translations and their compatibility with the original version.

Translation of technical documentation

The technical documentation can include many different materials such as: drawings, plans, estimates, schedules, technical descriptions or structural calculations. Nowadays, it is not only a legal requirement but also a trend from the society to have such documentation concerning the company translated into a language of a country with which they want to start cooperating. It must be kept for many years and is needed to start the investment, the introduction of new products to the market or to maintain buildings in good technical condition. Therefore, the level of translation of such documentation is very important. Our translators are specialists who can translate any type of technical documentation, regardless of the sector to which this documentation is related or from the range of which it originates. In order to get acquainted with the details of the offer please contact us: by phone, mail or in person at our headquarters in Cracow.

Ordinary and certified technical translations

Often technical translations, especially those in the field of company records, need to be translated by a sworn translator who is entered on the ministerial list of sworn translators. If you need to translate an important agreement, a commercial contract, patent documentation, tender documentation or a quality certificate, please contact us and we will choose a translator suitable for your order. Such a translator will not only perform the authenticated translation but, if necessary, will certify the translation that has been already translated. In addition, specialists cooperating with us, are registered with the NOT (Polish Federation of Engineering Associations), which gives an additional guarantee that orders performed by them will be at the highest level, with vocabulary applicable in the specific field and required by the given sectors. See the details of our offer today.

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