Technical translations for the automotive sector and car industry.

Automotive Translation Services by Industry ProfessionalsTechnical translations related to the automotive issues are among the more demanding types of translations. This is mainly due to the continuous and extremely dynamic technological progress, that is clearly visible especially in this industry. Therefore, a translator specializing in the automotive sector has to face many challenges. It turns out that only the best translators are able to meet these challenges.

Why our translation agency?

Automotive Industry Translation & LocalizationAutomotive translations is a division of specialized translations dealing with the issues related to the automotive industry only. As a comprehensive supplier of translation services, we took care of having in our offer an elite of professional translators for the automotive industry. To ensure that our offer will meet your expectations, we have started a cooperation with experienced engineers who are always up to date with modern technologies in the automotive industry.
  • * We have expertise not only in translating technical texts, but also specialized content for the automotive industry. In addition, our passion and professional staff of coordinators result in the fact that we enjoy trust and have a growing base of regular customers.

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Quality is the priority

One of the basic characteristics considered by clients in relation to the goods delivered and services performed for them is quality. In the context of the automotive industry, this criterion is therefore applied to the manufactured vehicles as well as to the attached documents. Operating documentation should be designed carefully in terms of content and should be user-friendly in terms of its form. To ensure better transparency, manuals are translated into a dozen languages, which is now already a frequent procedure due to the formal requirements. However, this raises the question about the quality of these translations. If they do not meet the basic criteria of translation value and linguistic correctness, it is difficult to expect that the very product was produced with the highest quality as a requirement. After all, translations are one of the items in the manufacturers’ costs.

Competition in the automotive industry is ruthless in every aspect, from cars and trucks through business, public works and agricultural vehicles to maintenance of vehicles. Automotive translations require exceptional language skills, knowledge of vocabulary and the given sector, that only a translator who is an expert in this field can ensure.

Translation services in such a narrow range of industry as automotive translations should be entrusted to a specialist, for whom there will not be a problem to efficiently deal with difficult and complex terminology describing ca. 20,000 items that an average car consists of. Practice shows that only a competent, qualified and knowledgeable translator will be the best guarantee of quality. An additional benefit of such cooperation is the ability to identify, at the stage of translation, possible misstatements and explicit deficiencies in the source text. Owing to this, the translator can consult his/her doubts and, if necessary, update the documentation, applying to it appropriate corrections.
The rapid development of the automotive industry results in the fact that the language does not always keep up with it. Therefore, it turns out that the translator faces quite a task – naming things. It is important that for this purpose he used words and phrases that closely show the characteristics and application of a given product. Despite many efforts, in the case of some automotive components still the names from the source language are used because so far there are no appropriate words in Polish that would express a given item. It is also worth mentioning that in the context of the terminology from the automotive industry there is a relatively large diversity of concepts. For example, the word “driver” is equivalent to a “control unit”, “control module”, and a shortcut “CU”. How should the translator deal with this dissonance? It turns out that it is best to create one’s own dictionary of expressions typical for each manufacturer and, above all, remember in one’s work about maintaining consistency. A great challenge for translators are also examples of the technical documentation of parts and subassemblies for the first assembly or replacement parts for the secondary market. In this case we are dealing with a very detailed description of the design and operation of the given component. Therefore, it is no surprise that such translations can be performed by the best translators-specialists only.
Most frequently we perform translations for transport companies, companies producing car parts, etc.

  • Automotive manuals;
  • Catalogues of auto parts;
  • Repair, maintenance, operation manuals;
  • Vehicle documentation;
  • Marketing brochures.

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